Specialized in food trading and providing one-stop purchasing solution services to online retailers,
wholesalers, supermarkets, and restaurants.

About JJW

JJW Ventures (HK) Limited is an intermediary integrated in trading aqua/agricultural commodities and frozen food products. Our goal is to continue to build on our strong global network and increase our knowledge base, so we can provide a sustainable solution for both our producers and suppliers of commodities needed by the food service industries around the world. We pride ourselves in being safe, reliable, and competitive so our clients can develop and move their business forward.

We have close and strategic working relationships with various Asian global trading companies and we have over 20 years’ experience on offering a resourceful and professional service to major companies across the world. We pride ourselves in having a core area of expertise in trading and marketing of shrimp, salmon, lobster, barramundi, basa and other value-added products. JJW is an advocate of Sustainable Seafood, we believe that responsible and sustainable fisheries are crucial in maintaining a better environment for our future generations. 


B2B Delivery

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JJW is dedicated to providing a one-stop food total purchasing solution. Our team of professional buyers, distributors and producers sources some of the finest food from all around the world, with an aim to provide our clients with high-quality, safe, and reliable products at a competitive price.

Based on these principles, JJW focuses in developing long term relationships with clients
and achieving fairness and mutual benefits for both parties.